Who we are

Who we are:

This platform is a politically independent initiative developed by the Libyan Office of “Democracy Reporting International” in collaboration with Libyan Civil Society activists. This project was initially funded by the British and the Swiss Governments.

Currently DRI is implementing a number of projects in Libya one of which is the Strengthening of the Role of Libyan CSOs in the Constitution and Transitional Process. Current Project is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our aims:

Our aim is to create an interactive space on the constitution-making process in Libya, serving as a forum for information, exchanges of ideas and interactive debates between the different stakeholders, guided by the views of Libyan and international constitutional lawyers and giving a wide range of stakeholders the opportunity to follow the process.

The platform mainly has previously served an Arabic-speaking audience in order to give the Libyan civil society a space for interaction and exchange, but also offers a source of relevant information on the Libyan constitution-drafting process to English speakers.

The new focus of this platform would now shift to cover other projects DRI Libya is implementing in various fields such as Local Governance, Women among others.