Statement from GNC and HoR representatives

In order to safeguard the Libyan national sovereignty, and on the basis of the principles of the UN Charter and the right of people of self-determination, and confirming the joint national belief to achieve the unity of the Libyan territory and form a national unity government,
Representatives from the General National Congress and the House of Representatives met in the light of the political, economic and security conditions in the country, and breaches targeting the future of Libya’s stability and the creation of state institutions and law,
Under common beliefs for the need for a political agreement that represents a code of honor which formulates national legislative and security relations, and to ensure the government’s commitment to its role and functions,
And due to the violations and conflicts within the Presidential Council, proposed by the United Nations, that make it difficult for the PC to assume its duties in achieving the national sovereignty and take Libya to safety,
Accordingly, the two sides agreed on the need to make some amendments to the Libyan political agreement that responds to the requirements of the stage, and achieve comprehensive national concord, and then adhere to its principles and objectives and form a national unity government.
Therefore, the HoR and GNC confirm to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Security Council members, and members of the international community to support international peace and security in Libya the importance of their role in achieving security and stability in Libya under the umbrella of the United Nations and its support of the two key parties of the Libyan people, namely the House of Representatives and the General National Congress.

Date : 02/03/2016
Source: http://en.gnc.gov.ly/news_det_page.aspx?news_id=27942