Member of The “Constitution Drafting Assembly”: The working committee finishes its work next week

CDA working committee member Ibrahim Al-Baba said that the committee has been holding intensive meetings at the CDA’s Headquarters since the previous week. The committee is currently discussing the proposed amendments to the draft.

According to Al-Baba, the committee is expected to finish its work next week, after which the proposals are to be presented for deliberation and vote during a CDA plenary session. These meetings are an opportunity to reach a constitutional proposal, even though some articles would gain approvals while others would face resistance from some members.

Regarding consensus with the cultural components, Al-Baba said the committee did not discuss controversial issues yet, especially that the time is running out and the work environment is very harsh. A list of demands has been however presented by the Tuareg members to be discussed within the committee. According to Al-Baba, it is essential to form a consensus with the Tebu, Tuareg and Amazigh before presenting the draft constitution for referendum, but also for people to understand the challenges the CDA is facing. Al-Baba indicated that the Constitution is going to be consensual with all components of the Libyan spectrum and is going to reunite Libya.