Chapter Nine: Natural Resources

Article (179) Ownership of Natural Resources

Natural resources belong to Libyan people, and the State exercises sovereignty over them on behalf of him and works on their exploitation, protection, development and best administrations, so to ensure public interest and fair and just benefit of all areas thereof and to preserve the rights of future generations.

Article (180)Contracts and agreements on natural resources

Contracts and agreements relating to the natural resources are to be submitted to both chambers of the legislative authority for review in specified periods, in conformance with law, in order to ensure preserving natural resources, environmental equilibrium, transparency requirements and the protection of rights of future generations and to ensure reparation to producing regions and ensure social responsibility.

Article (181) WaterArticle (92)Guarantees for members of the judiciary

Water Resources are a national wealth, the State has the obligation to take necessary measures for their proper management, so to ensure preservation and protection from pollution and abuse and ensure economic use and searching for alternatives to them and find ways to achieve water security.

A body is to be established, by virtue of a law, to conduct scientific research, and develop necessary strategies and policies and to supervise their implementation.

Article (182) Renewable energies

The State is committed to investing in the fields of renewable energies from different sources and promoting scientific research related to them as well as installing its projects in appropriate locations.

Article (183)Animal and Sea Resources

The state works on the protection of animal and sea wealth, and their good use and development beside preserving its varieties and sustainability.

Article (184) Vegetation cover

The State has the obligation to take the necessary measures to protect and manage vegetation cover and ensure rational management of the environmental, economic and social duties in a balanced manner.

The State manages forests which depends upon it and exploits them in accordance with law. Forests ownership may not be transferred and they may not be owned by occupancy.


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